Tijmen Schults (MSc.) holds a master degree in Earth and Environment  –  Hydrology and Water Resources from Wageningen University and a BSc. in Land and Water Management from Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. Driven by admiration of the natural world and the growing anthropogenic and climatic pressures on finite natural resources he is motivated to work on the environmental challenges of the present and future.

His interest lies in combining digital tools and techniques such as GIS, remote sensing, and hydrological simulation models to solve integrated water resource management problems. Tijmen has acquired working experience in The Netherlands, Kenya, South Africa, and Vietnam, where he conducted field work, modelling studies, and remote sensing analyses with a variety of software packages and tools (SWAT, MODFLOW, SOBEK, Google Earth Engine). He is proficient in using Python, R  and QGIS for geospatial, hydrological, and remote sensing purposes. At FutureWater Tijmen is a hydrologist, conducting research and providing consultancy work for projects. 

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