The assignment supports the newly established Inle Lake Management Authority (ILMA) by developing up-to-date, spatial datasets, which are to be included in the ILMA geodatabase. More specifically, the existing Inle Lake MAB boundary and zoning are confirmed and updated. Maps of land-use and different ecosystem services are produced and validated in close consultation with stakeholders. In addition, the development of communications and educational materials is supported, and key government staff is trained on ecosystem services mapping.

The Inle Lake in Myanmar is renowned for a number of traditional cultural and livelihood practices, which have made it one of the main attractions for Myanmar’s booming tourism industry. The lake is, however, suffering environmental degradation from the combined effects of unsustainable resource use, increasing population pressures, climate variability and rapid tourism development. UNDP is supporting the establishment of ILMA, which will have the mandate to manage conservation activities in the Inle Lake protected area.

Under this project, a set of maps will be developed and delivered to the ILMA geodatabase. Different methods, including satellite remote sensing and GIS, will be integrated to complete an updated boundary demarcation of the protected area, based on the Inle Lake watershed boundaries and recent developments in land use. Key ecosystem services of Inle Lake region will be mapped, which will inform an updated zoning (core zone, buffer zone, transition zone) of Inle Lake protected area. Workshops and bilateral meetings are organized to consult with the government stakeholders at several steps during the project, and a training workshop on ecosystem services mapping will be organized at the end of the project.

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  • 2020 - FutureWater Report 217Simons, G.W.H., A.T. Moe. 2020. Ecosystem services mapping of Inle Lake Protected Area, Myanmar. FutureWater Report 217X

    Ecosystem services mapping of Inle Lake Protected Area, Myanmar

    Simons, G.W.H., A.T. Moe