Brecht D’Haeyer (MSc.) is a hydrologist and water resources engineer with 3 years of experience in surface water (irrigation engineering, river engineering, lock engineering) and groundwater (saline agriculture, droughts, pumping test analyses). He has worked both for the public and private industry in Belgium, Bangladesh, Burundi, India, Myanmar, and Tajikistan.

Brecht has advanced skills in hydraulic and hydrologic modelling and GIS analysis using a variety of existing software packages (i.e. HECRAS, LOCKSIM, Flowpath II, EPANET, SIRIO, ArcGIS, QGIS, ICM Infoworks), and programming languages (Matlab, R). He is an ambitious and idealistic young professional who aims to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive world, thereby combining his socio-technical background with his experiences from international water projects.

This specific combination has allowed Brecht to look beyond the technical problem, tackle complex challenges, and contribute to the most sustainable solution. Brecht is currently a consultant/ researcher on Hydrology at the FutureWater office in Wageningen.

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