Welcome to FutureWater

FutureWater is a research and consulting organization that works throughout the world to combine scientific research with practical solutions for water management. FutureWater works at both global, national and local levels with partners on projects addressing water for food, irrigation, water excess, water shortage, climate change, and river basin management.

FutureWater’s key expertise is in the field of quantitative methods, based on simulation models, geographic information systems and satellite observations. Important clients and collaborators are: World Bank, Asian Development Bank, National and Local Governments, River Basin Organizations, Science Foundations, Universities, and Research Organizations.

FutureWater has offices in Wageningen (Netherlands) and in Cartagena (Spain).

Research and consultancy for a sustainable future of our water resources

The uniqueness of water is that you cannot create neither destroy it.

The problem with water is that some parts of the world have too much, others too little.

The challenge of water is to manage it properly to ensure a sustainable future.