FutureWater will support The Nature Conservancy and Water Resources East in the creation of a Water Fund for the region. This will identify a portfolio of nature-based solutions (NBS) to be implemented in the county, aiming to leverage large scale private investment to fund their implementation. FutureWater is responsible for coordinating technical activities relating to the identification and prioritisation of interventions. This will include working with a range of technical partners and stakeholders to create a knowledge base which supports the implementation of NBS in the county.

The objectives of the Norfolk Water Fund is to secure good quality, long-term water resources for all water users, while protecting the environment and showcasing the county as an international exemplar for collaborative water management. The programme seeks to demonstrate how cross-sector, integrated water management and can deliver multiple benefits and help achieve the county’s net zero targets.

Water Funds are a well-established model for facilitating collective action to address water security challenges through the implementation of nature-based solutions (NBS) as a complement for more traditional so-called ‘grey’ infrastructure such as pipelines and treatment plants. Norfolk is one of two European pilots selected for Water Funds by The Nature Conservancy (TNC), to add to their global portfolio of Water Funds.

To deliver this programme, a variety of technical activities are required. These include assessing Water Security Challenges in the county, identifying the most relevant NBS to the context, and prioritising the most effective locations and strategies for their implementation. FutureWater will support these technical activities with NBS and water resources expertise alongside coordinating technical partners.