In a groundbreaking development, FutureWater and HiView successfully completed a comprehensive flying sensor training program for the Agency for Development of the Zambeze Valley (ADVZ) in early May. The ADVZ, a government agricultural institute providing assistance and advisory services to farmers across the vast Zambeze Valley, received training from ThirdEye Mozambique, a local drone company and spin-off from FutureWater and HiView’s previous drone initiatives in the country.

The intensive training program spanned six full days, combining both practical in-field exercises and focused sessions on image processing at the ADVZ office. During the in-field training, participants honed their piloting skills and gained valuable experience in image interpretation, while the image processing sessions equipped them with the necessary skills to analyze and derive insights from collected aerial data. To further enhance their processing capabilities, online follow-up sessions will be conducted over the coming weeks.

This training program stood apart from others due to its unique collaboration with HiView for the acquisition of the cutting-edge Rapid Eye XS drone systems. The Rapid Eye XS, a lightweight (< 250g) and cost-effective drone developed by HiView, is specifically designed for swift monitoring operations on a small scale. Notably, the Rapid Eye XS boasts a remarkable feature: real-time processing of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) maps. These maps offer valuable insights into crop health and canopy coverage, enabling immediate identification of problematic areas. Farmers in remote regions can now receive direct advisory from pilot-extensionists, referred to as AgPilots, who can share the NDVI maps directly with them via mobile phones or tablets. The practicality and usefulness of this capability in remote areas cannot be overstated.

This collaborative effort marks a significant milestone in the application of drone technology for agricultural advancements in Mozambique’s Zambeze Valley. By equipping ADVZ and local farmers with the Rapid Eye XS drones and comprehensive training, the project aims to revolutionize agricultural practices, enhance crop monitoring, and provide tailored advisory services to improve productivity and yield outcomes.

More information on the Rapid Eye XS can be found here.

Theoretical session
Group picture at ADVZ