In response to the pressing global challenges related to water, agriculture and ecosystem services, the availability of data and tools to support decision makers in these fields has grown rapidly in recent years. Public agencies, NGOs and researchers therefore need to continuously develop their capacity to make optimal use of these resources. To support our partners in successfully achieving their goals, early November FutureWater proudly launched the FutureWater Academy, our new platform that bundles all our training courses.

The FutureWater Academy offers a range of training courses on the latest tools for addressing water-related knowledge gaps. Courses are offered remotely, on location, as well as in hybrid modes, and can be organized from a few days up to several months. Topics entail Hydrological Models and SPHY, Water Allocation and Planning, Flying Sensors, Drought Early Warning, Geospatial Data Analysis and Remote Sensing, Climate Risk Assessments, Google Earth Engine and Real Water Savings (ReWaS).

Check out for more information! Does your organization experience a water-related knowledge gap? Do not hesitate to contact us for an initial conversation.