We are very happy to announce that our APSAN-Vale project in Mozambique will be extended till December 2022!

The APSAN-Vale project has as its overall aim to increase climate resilient agricultural productivity and food security, with a specific objective to increase the water productivity and profitability of smallholder farmers in Mozambique, prioritizing small (family sector) farmers to increase food and nutritional security. It demonstrates what the best combinations are of adoption strategies and technological packages, with the largest overall impact in terms of Water Productivity, both at the plot-level, sub-basin as well as basin-level. The main role of FutureWater is monitoring water productivity in target areas (both spatial and seasonal/annual variation) using Flying Sensors in combination with a water productivity simulation model and field observations.

With the extension of a year, we are able to cover two extra crop seasons (irrigated and rainfed) and we can monitor the water productivity of more farmers. In addition, we can continue the cooperation with our local operators from ThirdEye Mozambique Central and they can strengthen their skills regarding drone operations and image processing. We are looking forward to another year!