We reached a next step in the G4AW Project Mavo Diami in Angola. Farmers now receive land suitability advice for various crops on their mobile phone through a Telegram application. The application is called the KRES Service. Already up to 100 farmers are registered to this KRES Service, and the number of registrations is growing every day. Next to the land suitability advice, a daily agro-weather update is provided. The farmer can also start a dialogue with the digital KRES assistant and ask questions about suitability for land preparation. For large farmers, an activity tracking module is implemented. This way the farmers can track all their field activities. This information is being used to develop a daily irrigation advice. Read more about the Mavo Diami project on our projectpage

The current application is only available for farmers with a smartphone. During this growing season, the application is extended with new features. Also, a specific application for feature phones will be developed, so more farmers -mostly small holders- can benefit from the service as well.

The application is a joint effort from all the project partners in the Mavo Diami consortium; World Vision NetherlandseLEAFWeather ImpactAequator G&R, KresLider. FutureWater delivers the land suitability service and irrigation advice for desired locations in Angola.