Advanced computational tools

This study is a unique combination of the SEBALTM remote sensing model for energy and photosynthetic fluxes combined with the spatially distributed SWAT model developed by Texas A&M and ARS-USDA (Texas). SEBAL-based evapotranspiration fluxes are used to calibrate the plant and soil parameters for all hydrological response units though inverse model calibration and parameter optimization technology. This is a powerful calibration philosophy that goes far beyond the classical approach of calibrating a catchment scale model with flows measured at one gauging station. The traditional approach does not ensure that the water flows throughout the basin are well simulated. The figures below demonstrates that we have overcome this problem.

Actual evapotranspiration SEBAL:
etsebal (70K)

Calibrated actual evapotranspiration SWAT:
etswat (58K)

Comision Nacional del Aqua FutureWater
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